Pressure Points in Self Defense.

When faced with a situation where you have to defend yourself, you may not always have to use brawn a little brail can go a long way in a fight.

Where I come from since the lockdown started, cases of rape, phisical and sexual abuse have risen tremendously (not that it wasn’t already bad enough) so I thought I would talk about ways to defend yourself using a method I know a bit better than others with pressure points.

What are Pressure Points?

Firstly what are Pressure Points? Pressure Points are points in the body, where nerve endings are closer to the surface of the skin and thus when pressured or pressed they can soothe or cause pain giving them their name.

Pressure Points in the Body.

When In a situation where you have to fight someone to defend yourself then you could use fist and brawn if you have the strength and skill. But if like me You’re not one of the strong ones, there are places in the body that you can exploit to cause pain in the opponent and buy yourself sometime to get out of that place.

1. Paratiod lymph node: This pressure point is located just under your ear lobe near the jaw line. When struck on this point a person will feel extreme pain and let go of you if you are being held. The person may also feel a sense of dizziness, and this should give you enough time to get out of there.

2. Hand: In between all our fingers there are pressure Points but the most sensitive one is the one between your thumb and index finger. When this spot is pressed, it causes pain leaving time for you to do more things.

3. Brachial Plexus: This pressure Point is found under the shoulder and at the top of the chest. A strong hit in this area causes intense pain and numbness in the hand. It could even break the collar bone this leads to shock and paralysis of the hand.

Sciatic Nerve: This pressure point is found between the groin and the knee on the midline of the inner thigh. A good hit on this nerve will cause pain, dizziness and loss of control of the leg.

Other Vurneurable Areas

Eyes: Forget a poke to the eyes could cause temporary or permanent blindness giving you ample time to make a run for it. But as a warning this should only be used as a last resort.

Neck: A good blow to the Adam’s apple or it’s side will cause a lot of pain and loss of breath helping you decide your next move.

Jaw: A blow here would cause dizziness and pain in an opponent probably making him lose his grip on you.

Groin: This area contains many nerves and also the genitals and bladder. No matter the gender, a kick or blow here would certainly cause intense pain and dizziness and could end a fight once and for all.

Tibialis Anterior Muscle: This is a weak spot in a person. A good kick here could break the tibial bone and will no doubt cause pain. It could also cause immobility in the foot giving you time for fight or flight.

I hope this will help if you ever need it but best avoid a fight especially a bigger person better you talk it out, run away or bring the guy’s Mom or crush. I suggest the last option.

How To Escape an Attacking Tiger.

Its a good thing humans have such good brains because compared to most (if not all) wild animals we are relatively helpless, but there are different ways to escape different Animals but today we will focus on the Tiger.

Well for starters to be in an enclosure or space with a Tiger with no demarcating restriction is already bad enough, so in order not to make matters worse there are things to be done.

When it comes to wild animals to escape there are two things you have to show:

1. You’re not food.

2. You’re not a threat.

So back to the topic. When you spot a Tiger don’t make the mistake most people make by surrendering to the tiger or showing inferiority, because this mainly only works on herbivores to the Tiger you’re only presenting yourself as food. No crouching, folding your arms submissively or making yourself look small in any way, and definitely NO RUNNING!!! You can’t outrun a tiger and you’ll only die tired. Rather stand up straight make yourself look (which you probably are) taller than the tiger and if there is an elevated structure like a rock or something like that climb on in order to be looking down on the Tiger. Look brave wild carnivores like their prey scared and if you show fear you’re as good as gone.

If the tiger isn’t coming towards you move away slowly not turning your back on the Tiger until it is well out of sight then run yo the nearest exit. And if the tiger charges towards you stay still. Do not try to get the Tiger angry or agitate it in any way, don’t charge at it like you would do a mountain lion and don’t throw anything at it.

If the Tiger attacks you and pushes you down aim for its eyes and nose and protect your neck because that is where the Tiger would probably aim for.

And last but not least do whatever you can not to get in that situation. Don’t go where you may see a tiger without a guide, take bear spray, or a flare or a blow horn with you and don’t pee in a Tiger’s domain, a quick bathroom break may turn you to a maul victim. And stay home as much as you can if you hear of a loose Tiger.

How to make Sugar Cookies.

I have been at home with the lockdown in place due to the corona virus and I have been bored looking for something to do. Our TV subscription has expired and I had nothing to do with the time. You know that feeling where you want to snack on something when you’re bored, I had that feeling so I looked around the house for ingredients I had finding only sugar, flour, butter, baking powder and a few eggs. Then I thought of making sugar cookies with my own twist.





I also added:

Baking powder



Mix the butter and sugar and whisk it until the mix turns creamy, I added a little baking powder for more leavening and size. Then add the flour. Preheat the oven to medium temperature. Mix the whole thing till everything is incorporated into the dough then it is ready for baking, I added an egg for extra for more consistency and structure.

Shape the dough into any shape you want, then but it in the oven for around 25 minutes or until it is golden brown at the edges, Voila!! Your cookies are ready.

P.S : The baking powder and egg I added didn’t change the taste much it just made the cookies look bigger and if you want to keep the cookies for long the eggs may make them spoil quicker.

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